Sunday, May 18, 2014

100 Fun Ideas to Get Active

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Sick of your work out? Here are 100 ideas to spice it up. 

1 – Shoot hoops or play a real basketball game
2 – Play on a playground
3 – Take a ballroom dance class
4 – Drop it the club
5 – Take a casual stroll with a friend
6 – Try Zumba: It doesn’t matter how coordinated you are, it’s just an exercise dance party!
7 – Bounce on a trampoline, if you don’t have one, there are trampoline parks. I’ve heard its best to go during the week if you can to avoid too many kids.
8 – Kite surfing: I bought a groupon for this and the intro class is on land, so you can explore this without being in danger
9 – Crochet
10 – Swim
11 – Take a regular yoga class
12 - **Explore hot yoga
13 – Endure a barre class: It is so awesome, but so tough.
14 – **Piloxing: Please comment if you’ve tried, I want to hear about it!
15 – Enroll in a contemporary, jazz or ballet class
16 – Mall walking
17 – Experience a hiking adventure – Make it romantic with your special someone or maybe it could be the next girl’s day out
18 – Horse-back ride
19 – *Bust out the roller blades
20 – Ride your bike
21 – Kick around a soccer ball
22 – Pass around a football
23 – Ultimate Frisbee
24 – Volleyball
25 – Boxing interval training
26-   Play baseball – With just 3 people you can have a batter, pitcher and catcher and trade off
27 – Frisbee golf
28 – Golf, this can be expensive, but maybe you’ve run across some clubs at a garage sale or from a relative. If you have the clubs you can just drive the ball for not a lot of money.
29 -  Tennis
30 – Skate on ice
31 – Challenge yourself with a step class, now there are Zumba step classes also
32 – Play Wii
33 – Check out an exercise home video (some video stores like Family Video let you rent them for free!)
34 – *Tae bo
35 – Beef up and go to a Boot Camp class
36 – *Tae kwon do
37 – Tai Chi
38 – Kickboxing
39 – Water aerobics, now there are even water Zumba classes
40 – Zumba toning, the class I used to take closed, but when I consistently went once a week, after a month or so I could tell I was getting stronger.
41 – *Sports drills, if you were a high school athlete, think about those drills and do them again! It’s fun in a nostalgic kind of way. I never thought I would smile doing a suicide! (Not having a coach timing me certainly helps…)
42 – Get dirty with a mud race; you can walk if you have to, just have fun!
43 – **Color Me Rad 5K
44 – **Zombie Race: Run for your life or volunteer to devour people
45 – Attend a festival, it’s much easier to walk around when there is so much going on
46 – Dance Dance Revolution at an arcade
47 – Relay for Life: Raise money for charity and walk all night
48 – Participate in a Corporate Challenge, sometimes companies compete against each other like an adult field day
49 – Get it on
50 – Do the dance & clean
51 – Garden
52 – Volunteer at a food pantry (those calories really add up when you spend all morning moving food around!)
53 – *Conquer fear and climb rocks
54 –** Parkour!
55 – Stand up and rock out with a guitar
56 – Boche ball
57 – Zumbathon
58 – Interval running (I’m not a fan of running, but I think it can be fun to sprint every now and then. Especially if you allow yourself time to recover before doing it again. You won’t go to the Olympics with that kind of training, but it’s a lot more enjoyable!)
59 – *Canoe
60 –  **Bollywood dance
61 – Snow ski
62 – Snowboard
63 – *Water ski
64 – Paddleboat
65 – *Tubing
66 - *Wakeboard
67 – Bowl
68 – *Snowball fight
69 – Build a snowman
70 – *Build a snowfort
71 – Caroling around your neighborhood
72 – **Karate
73 – Play with kids, if you don’t have any, maybe you could babysit for a friend or start volunteering at church with the kid’s group
74 – *Badminton
75 – Walk around an amusement park
76 – Visit a water park
77 – Jazzercise
78 – Shake it in a dance-fit class
79 – Pop it in a hip hop class
80 – Play ping pong
81 – **Fitness drumming class
82 – Play four-square: I don’t care how old you are, you can bring it back!
83 – Snorkel
84 – **Surf
85 – *Skateboard
86 – Belly dance (there are home videos or a lot of Indian restaurants will have special events where you could try it)
87 – *Irish dance class, or maybe you could find something on youtube
88 – **Tap dance class
89 – **Nordic walking
90 – Float a river, sounds lazy, but intermittent lazy paddling over the course of 6 hours can add up! Try to go easy on the beer : )
91 – Walk your dog, or a friend or family member’s dog
92 – Get spicy with some pole dancing, intro classes are available at many studios now
93 – Spinning class, with the right music and maybe a friend it can be fun…
94 – *Kick-boxing class
95 – Gymnastics, every now and then it’s fun to go to your backyard and just make sure you can still do a cartwheel or a handstand.
96 – Play in the sand, whether that be a sandcastle, jumping, cartwheels, Frisbee or tag, any time you move on sand you’ll burn lots of calories (you may not live by a beach, but there is sand volleyball set up everywhere.)
97 – Hula hoop
98 – *Jump rope
99 – Racquetball

100 – Water games in a pool 

I’ve done a lot of these so I know that these are fun! If they aren't marked, I've done it in my 20s. A "*” means that I’ve done it, but over 6 years ago (prior to my 20's) and “**” means that I’ve never done it.

Let me know if you try any of these or if you have some other ideas for fun movement ideas! 


  1. Wow, a really comprehensive list! I've done a belly dancing class, which was really fun but sadly only mastered the hand movements. LOL I have tried Piloxing which was a really great workout, the only downside was this embarrassing move they had everyone do at the end. Sort of a girl power thing, which I'm all about, but not really one for the poses myself. :) It's surprising how a good game of Wii can get your heart rate going especially a little DDR. It may be old news by now, but still one of my go-to's for a fun workout!

  2. Yes, when I first started ideas were coming to me, but it got a little tricky after a while.

    Where did you try piloxing? I have a groupon for a hot yoga studio (unlimited for the next month) but after that I really want to try piloxing.