Sunday, June 1, 2014

9 Reasons Yoga is Awesome

Not sure what is so great about Yoga? Here are 9 reasons.

1 – Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and there is just something cool about partaking in something that people from an ancient time practiced.
2 – The yoga community is filled with interesting, artistic and kind people.
3 – Moving into and holding a pose works your whole body, not just one part.
4 – Posing is more interesting than lifting. That’s just my opinion, but really it is so much more appealing to me to hold an arm balance than to increase how much weight I can lift in a gym. I don’t plan on street performing or anything but it just seems more useful to be able to lift your body in particular ways than to be able to bench press some large number.
5 – Long and lean muscles look amazing.
6 – You do not need to track numbers to see progress, instead increased strength is evident by that pose that all of a sudden you can do or maybe an adjustment you no longer need to make.
7 – It is physically therapeutic. Taking a closer look at alignment and strengthening those areas that are weak is critical for fighting chronic pain.
8 – Especially in a hot yoga class, you can sweat like nothing else. Want proof? Look at my picture from hot yoga on Memorial Day (it was really crowded that day).  Disgusting, huh? But I felt awesome. Get them toxins out!
9 – The mental benefits are numerous. Experiencing physically difficult times and breathing through them really teaches you about how to move through emotionally challenging times. The whole experience is very gentle and kind to you as an individual soul.  There’s a time and place for boot camps, but if you are looking for peace, yoga is perfect.

I encourage you to try yoga this week. Your gym may offer yoga in the group fitness classes or you can drop in at a studio or get a deal through something like groupon Let me know how it goes. Namaste.

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