Saturday, May 10, 2014

5 Ways to Sneak in a Calorie Burn

If you are limited in time but want to start moving toward a more active life style, these ideas are for you.

1 – Stand at work.
I’m talking to those who work in an office. There is this amazing contraption called an ergotron, that you can see in the picture, that allows you to raise or lower your computer. Your employer may be like mine and provide one for you, or maybe you will think it is worth it to make the investment. I use one and burn 2 cal/min  instead of 1 cal/min for the 2,400 min work week. Wow! You've probably heard about sitting on bouncy balls or treadmills at work as well. 

2 – Sneak in movement at work.
Your steps can add up if you take side steps back and forth here and there when on the phone. As I said, I stand at work, so sometimes I even step it up a notch and do a couple calf raises. I play music (quietly), so if no one is walking by I just may start grooving a little. Additionally, it is arguable that you may actually be more productive if you take a couple minutes to make a short lap around the office every now and again.

3 Don’t waste time at the pump.
This one may be borderline weird, but I don’t like to waste any time, so I stretch and (once again) do calf raises while I’m waiting for the gas to pump. Obviously this isn’t the time to practice your splits, but it seems socially acceptable enough to stretch out your arms and hamstrings.

4 – When divvying up chores between your spouse, roommate or whoever, volunteer for the more active ones.
I wasn’t being selfless when I took the lead on pulling weeds or became the errand runner of the household.

5 – Walk & Talk.
Why sit and talk on the phone when you can walk while on the phone? Also, if you and your friends are talkative, rather than overeating at a restaurant and then pissing off the waitress while you linger, just plan a walk instead. Even if it is just a casual stroll, you’ll burn about 3 or 4 times more calories per minute than if you were sitting there.

6 - Move while getting ready in the morning.
Calf raises, lounges, and squats are all exercises you can do while brushing your teeth. Basically I do the same thing I do at work while I'm putting on make-up etc., I just try to move just a little more than I regularly do. It may not burn a ton of calories, but it helps remind you that today you are choosing to be active. 

Let me know what little things you do or if you tried any of my suggestions!

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