Monday, May 12, 2014

8 Ways to Get More for Less

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Managing your money is just about getting the best value you can. Here are a few suggestions that can save you money, while still getting the enjoyment out of things you routinely purchase.

1)     Try "Great Value” brand food and  basic medicines. You may be surprised at the little to no difference between it and brand names. 

2)      Cut cable. Seriously, $10/mth net flicks is so much better than $100/mth to your internet bill. The hubby was concerned about losing ESPN, but he’ll get over it. (This is going to be effective for us after playoffs.)

3)      Choose VirginMobil or Cricket. I can’t speak to Cricket, but I use VirginMobil. They use the Sprint network. I paid $100 for my smartphone up front. I pay less than $50/mth with tax. I have unlimited data and text and 1200 Minutes, and that is plenty of minutes.

4)      Pick up generic prescriptions.

5)      Ask for samples at the doctor and use them. They may last longer than you were expecting.

6)      Shop at better value stores (or go on-line) for clothes, shoes, accessories etc. Target really does have cute stuff!

7)      One word. Ross. I got throw pillows for $10-$15 each instead of paying $40 per pillow at Pottery Barn or Bed Bath & Beyond. I actually liked Ross’s selection better.

8)      Estate sales or garage sales. Honestly I don’t really love this option (it just is not that fun to me), but you can really save some money. I recommend this especially if you have something in mind. When my hubby & I bought our house we got a lot of garden tools for like $2/each. We could easily have spent 75 bucks at Home Depot for the same stuff.

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