Friday, May 2, 2014

Ideas for Extra $$$

Ideas for Extra $$$

What do you do for extra cash? I think of this a lot, but I find it challenging to find something that suits me well, but hopefully this will give you some ideas.

1 - Product Sales – Avon, Scentsy, Jamberry nails etc.

2 - Thrift & Sell (or just get rid of your crap) - Amazon, ebay, Craigslist or a garage sale

3 - Scientific studies
When I was dating my husband, he participating in a study where he lived at the center for a couple weeks and he made a couple thousand dollars! I think they were seeing if a certain kind of bandage stayed on his skin effectively and if he had any reaction.

4 - Donate plasma
I did this in college and I’m very glad I did. If you do this, just make sure you have plans to go more than a few times. My first time took so long because they had to do an extra physical and all kinds of things. They do often have promotions where you get more money your first time. I can’t quite remember how much I got, but I think it was $40 for the first two times. You can donate twice a week and I want to say the first time of the week I got $30 and the second time I got $20. Around Christmas they get really busy and you may have to wait a long time to donate. It paid better per hour than any other job I had in college (except my oil and gas internship), but when the place I went started getting so busy that it started taking 2-3 hours for me to get in, they messed up with my veins one too many times (my veins roll apparently) and my husband who I was dating at the time was concerned it was unhealthy. I don’t think it is unhealthy (he thinks giving blood is bad for me too because he thinks I get dizzy more often after I give blood.) Depending on your alternatives, maybe you should look into this.

5 - Extra job – Waitress, bartend, fall back on a technical skill like hair styling, nails or massage, work as a cashier part-time (maybe just do that for the discounts…)

6 - Provide services – House-cleaning, lawn-mowing, dog-walking, pet-watching, snow shoveling

7 –Free-lance writing

8 - Social Media – Youtube, blogs. I'm not banking on much, but who knows, you could go viral!

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