Friday, May 2, 2014

About Me

My name is Allie Davis and I am a 26 years old Landman in the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have a husband, a house and a cat. I dance three times a week (jazz and modern) and love being active.

I do not have any financial, fitness or nutritional certifications at this point in time.  My background is an Energy Management Bachelors with a Minor in Finance from the University of Oklahoma. I plan to graduate with an Energy Management Master’s degree in December ’14. My Master’s degree is within the business college. It comprises of finance, accounting and economics classes among other things. My posts stem from my own observances or general concepts I have gathered through magazines, books and classes. 

I aspire to live a flexible and full life, filled with helping people along their financial, fitness, emotional and spiritual journeys. I have so much room for growth and honestly the concept of grace has only recently resonated with me. I was so trapped in doubt and fear! Grace frees me to pursue life more deeply and not fear failure or rejection. This is incredibly liberating! I desire to increasingly experience God’s liberating grace and help direct others experience grace in their lives as well.

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